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Rainbow Boro Discs
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#NB 106 Rainbow Boro Discs

Yummy set of rainbow colored boro discs.  12 discs, 2 of each, orange, yellow, green, blue and deep lavender.  

Sizes are 6x14 to 6x16 mm

3 sets of 12 available, great for spacers or used as the main focals...remind me of little candies...just yummy...

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Transparent Rainbow Boro Discs
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#NB 107 Transparent Rainbow Boro Discs

Sparkling transparent borosilicate glass discs. Yummy candy colors...lemon, orange, cherry, blueberry, lime and grape. Great to dress up a bright focal bead in a necklace or I love the way they feel all strung together on a choker or bracelet, just add some silver or pewter accents and your good to go. One dozen, 12, 5x14 mm to 5x16mm boro glass disc beads.

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Dreamy Blues
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#NB 101 Dreamy Blues

Dreamy blue teal set of 7 borosilicate glass beads.  This teal color looks beautiful with silver accents.

Focal bead is 12 x 16 mm

The 6 accompanying spacers are all approx. 8 x 12 mm to 8 x 15 mm

Handmade from borosilicate glass 

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